IMW: The inCRedible rajvoSa - LC Sarajevo

Deadline: 23.02.2020

IMW: The inCRedible rajvoSa - LC Sarajevo

Deadline: 23.02.2020

Odmah nakon operacionog događaja 2nd CRedit, spremite se za nastavak sjajne priče. IMW pod nazivom The inCRedible rajvoSa biće održan u periodu od 20. do 22. marta ove godine, a svi zainteresirani se mogu prijaviti najdalje do 23.02. u 23:59h. DA LI STE SPREMNI ZA NAJLUĐI VIKEND OVE GODINE?!


# Event: The inCRedible rajvoSa

# Event type: IMW

# Organizing Committee: LC Sarajevo 

# Dates: 20.03.2020. - 22.03.2020.

# Number of participants: 50

# Participation fee: 50€

# Deadline for application: 23.02.2020., 23:59 CET

# Applications:

# E-mail for contact:


As promised, we are bringing you the best possible information to start the second month of the year!

Do you know that in Sarajevo there is a crossroad known as “Meeting Point”. It represents Sarajevo in its more general meaning and it is CRowned as a place where cultures meet. Can you really believe that there could be a better place than Sarajevo to meet and make new EESTEC friends, and maybe meet old ones, who are connected by the strongest bond, the EESTEC spirit? Of course not, because Sarajevo is the city where east meets west and its known for its hospitality for all cultures.

Bosnian people are very friendly and they will give you a generous reception. These warm and always in a mood people are also great party hosts and food lovers. Here everything starts with a cup of Bosnian traditional coffee, so don’t you think that it’s time to drink our in the name of EESTEC friendship?

Ćevapi, burek, baklava, rahat lokum and many more traditional food is waiting for you too. You can forget about lowyougurtophobia (a fear from not having enough yogurt to finish your burek), because we have provided more than enough yogurt for everyone. And yes, burek is only with meat!

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known as a country of many rivers so you can be sure that as these rivers flows, there will always be a reason for a great party. A river of drinks is waiting for you too! Also, these ‘CRazy about party’ people, likes to jokes a lot. Don’t let to be a joke on you, apply for this CRazy adventure and lets make a CRowd on our dance ground. You might get CRush on someone as well. 

It was finally time to announce the IMW of the year, don’t you think? The inCRedible rajvoSa is waiting for you to make the biggest party, so don’t forget that once the clock is ticking, your goal is to beat the deadline. Don’t let your EESTEC friends have a story about this CRazy IMW without you being a part of it, or the other way round. Apply now through!

We are looking forward to meeting you all!