Radionica: Game of Blocks - LC Banja Luka

Deadline: 08.02.2020

Radionica: Game of Blocks - LC Banja Luka

Deadline: 08.02.2020

Naše kolege iz Banja Luke pozivaju vas na besplatnu šestodnevnu radionicu - Game of Blocks, na temu - Blockchain, koja je danas veoma popularna. Na radionici vas očekuju fantastični predavači i zasigurno super druženje u ovom prelijepom gradu na obali Vrbasa.

Radionica će biti održana u periodu 18.-23.03.2020. godine, a prijaviti se možete najkasnije do 08. februara, u 23:59h.

Više informacija možete pronaći u nastavku.


Organizing (J)LC: LC Banja Luka

Event: Game of Blocks

Event type: Workshop

Dates: 18th March - 23rd March 2020

Number of participants: 10

Participation fee: 0

Deadline for application: 8th February2020 23:59 CET


E-mail for contact:


Hello beautiful EESTEC people!

After 2 long years of absence, LC Banja Luka is back with a new event!

You were probably swamped with words like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and IoT in 2019.

Have you ever had a chance to have fun with these technologies? Or even better, to make some money with that knowledge?

Oh good, you haven't! We have an offer you can't refuse!

LC Banja Luka would like to give you basic (and not so basic) knowledge of Blockchain technology.

Main idea is to give you introduction to Ethereum, smart contracts and everything that comes with the package.

Don't think these are only buzzwords! We have prepared insane instructors for you. One of them is a CTO in one of the most successful blockchain companies in Europe! It's ok if you come to us like Jon Snow, the guy knows nothing. But we assure you one thing, you will leave like a true King and rightful heir to the Blockchain Technology!

We assume when you were reading this, a lot of words were confusing.

Especially two of them: Banja Luka.

For you it probably sounds like "West of Westeros", because you have no idea what is there. And only the bravest will apply and come to find out! But here are some hints for you:

- Banja Luka is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina recognized for it's amazing Balkan food, especially Banjalučki ćevap

- Very, very cheap beer

- Beautiful nature

- Positive energy

- Night life

And many more, but you will have to come if you want to find out the rest! Rest assured that we will make your week in Banja Luka an unforgettable one.

Join us, learn something new and useful, meet awesome people and of course try ćevapčići.

We can assure you that if you come once to Banja Luka, you will come again.

But beware, because Blockchain is dark and full of errors!