IMW: Call of Perreo - LC Madrid

Deadline: 18.03.2020

IMW: Call of Perreo - LC Madrid

Deadline: 18.03.2020


Organising branch: LC Madrid

Event: Call of Perreo IMW

Event type: IMW

Dates: 24.04.2020 - 26.04.2020

Number of participants: 50

Participation fee: 85

Deadline for application: 18.03.2020 23:59 CET


E-mail for contact:


Hey you, yes, you! 

A ella le gusta la gasolina, dale más gasolina… 

What? You don’t know the lyrics of that song? Then it’s time to go to LC Madrid’s brand-new IMW! A fuego!

This year we have decided to make the IMW open to everyone in EESTEC! This way we can have a way better party and enforce our international bonds. So, come on and visit the land of Perreo!

Whether this is your first year on EESTEC or you’re an old legend, prepare yourself for one of the best events you will ever experience in your entire life! We will go to the Spanish mountains to have a weekend full of party and international bonding.

Since this event is gonna be unique in our association’s history, we have appointed two people to be the main organizers. These two splendid people have devised endless ways to have more and more fun in your Spanish weekend. More specially, these two people are perfect masters of perreo! So, when you leave our IMW you’ll become one of our perreo knights! Duro, duro!

If you are a participant of our Workshop, your fee will be reduced to 30 euros! If you’re planning to attend our Workshop, why not extend your stay a few more days with us?