IMW: Best International Experience near the Ruhr - Essen, Germany

Deadline: 23.10.2019

IMW: Best International Experience near the Ruhr - Essen, Germany

Deadline: 23.10.2019

Sa zadovoljstvom vas obavještavamo o zvaničnom IMW-u ovogodišnjeg Jesenjeg Kongresa kojeg organizuju JLC Duisburg, LC Minhen, LC Aachen i LC Karlsruhe, a koji će biti održan u gradu Essenu. IMW će uslijediti nakon Kongresa u periodu 22.-24. novembra izvan grada u ljepotama Bavarije. Prijave su otvorene do 17. oktobra 2019, u 23:59h. Više detalja u nastavku teksta. 

P.S. Otvorene su i prijave za nezvanične participante na Jesenjem Kongresu, a detalje također možete saznati u nastavku.


Organizing Committee: JLC Duisburg, LC Munich, LC Aachen, LC Karlsruhe

Event: Best International Experience near the Ruhr

Event type: IMW

Dates: 22nd-24th of November 2019

Number of participants: 130

Participation fee: EUR 90

Deadline for application: 17 of October 2019, 23:59 CEST


E-mail for contact:


Are you longing to escape the GM rooms? Do you want to just chill in the countryside of Germany while drinking german beers? Have you ever dreamt about tasting a real traditional Bavarian breakfast with Weisswurst and wheat beer? Not only will you have a great time but also meet EESTECers from all the branches!

The IMW will be outside of Essen. So make sure to arrive before 11am on Friday (from Essen Heßlerstr.) and depart after 3pm on Sunday (from Essen). We will travel together to the IMW place with a party bus.


We are happy to open the application for unofficial spots at the Autumn Congress 2019. The Deadline for filling in the form is the 17th October Midnight.

We offer two packages from Sunday evening (17.11.19) to Friday morning (22.11.19), one with the food included (175 euros) and one without (125 euros).

For everyone who wants to come just for a couple of days, please state those in the form. We can only book the rooms in groups of 5 people, so depending on the amount of applications we can let you know if we offer that possibility or not.

There will be no additional programm for the unofficials. The packages are meant for unofficials which would like to follow the GMs.

P.S. AC Unofficials Application Form: