Razmjena: Back to the Future - LC Istanbul

Deadline: 25.10.2019

Razmjena: Back to the Future - LC Istanbul

Deadline: 25.10.2019

EESTEC LC Istanbul slavi svoju 15. godišnjicu razmjenom za pamćenje. Svaki dan razmjene će biti posvećen jednoj od naših sfera života. Doživite izlazak i zalazak sunca sa dva različita kontinenta u istom danu. Pored klasičnih istanbulskih aktivnosti - plovidba Bosforom, posjeta turskim kupatilima, imat ćete priliku da prisustvujete tematskim partijima sa stotinama članova LC Istanbula svake večeri. 

Tu sedmicu ćete sticati prijatelje kao dijete, partijati kao student, biti ozbiljni kao odrasli i iskusiti tursku kulturu kao seniori.

Ne propustite ovu sjajnu razmjenu, prijavite se najdalje do 20. oktobra 2019, u 23:59h.

Više o ovom eventu možete pronaći u nastavku teksta. 


Organizing Committee: LC Istanbul

Event: Back to the Future

Event type: Exchange

Dates: 30th November - 7th December 2019

Number of participants: 15

Participation fee: 90€

Deadline for application:  20th October 2019, 23:59 CEST

Applications: click

E-mail for contact: istanbul@eestec.net


Dear EESTECers,

EESTEC LC Istanbul is back with an incredible exchange special to our 15th anniversary!

Do you have a childhood memory that makes you say “I would die to go back to those days!” ? Are you curious about what kind of a business person you will become in your thirties? Or maybe you want to forget all about all of these and focus on the craziest moments of your university life? Here is the exchange you can remember, live and imagine all these: Back to the Future! 

In this extraordinary exchange of ours, we dedicated each day to an era of our lives. We’ll start off as infants, have our drinks in a nursing bottle (spoiler alert: it’s not milk) then puberty’s gonna hit, we’ll graduate, go to university and graduate again. After some dope university parties, next agenda is how-to-adult. Finally, we’re getting old to recreate those “me as a senior” memes where a 70-year-old grandpa kills it on the stage.

By the way, have you ever witnessed the sunrise and the sunset in different continents, yet in the same day? You will. 

Besides classic Istanbul activities like boat tour in the Bosphorus, Turkish bath and The Historical Peninsula tour, you will experience different concept parties with more than a hundred LC Istanbul members every night! The day we return to childhood, we will play games and eat hamburgers. Then we will go back to highschool years as teenagers. When we grow up and become adults, we’ll face the miracles of  RAKI the Magnificent! 

The week that we make friends like a child, party like a university student, take it serious like an adult and experience the Turkish culture like a senior will let you think about time and life concepts.

With incredible daily starter packs for each era!

Do you want to know how to rock like LC Istanbul? Here is the chance!