Deadline: 20.02.2017


Deadline: 20.02.2017
Organizing Committee: LC East Sarajevo
Dates: 2017-03-27 - 2017-04-02

Long time no hear from LC East Sarajevo. Don’t you worry, we were just preparing something special for you.
Read carefully and see what it is…

EESTEC LC East Sarajevo brand new exchange Mountain-Mania is here! We offer you fair deal: you apply, and we will show you the beauty among the beauties Olympic mountain Jahorina, the coolest pool party, amazing sights, and of course.... You will see for yourself that we have the best parties!
You will have chance to see amazing laboratories at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo and that is only academic part that will happen.
Rest of the time will be quite hedonistic and relaxing, full of various activities, such as swimming, bowling…or just lazy sitting in pub and drinking beer/coffee/juice/rakija/whatever… We will also visit Orlovača cave. City-Rally, sightseeing and visiting city landmarks are also part of the program.
During these 7 days you will taste our traditional food and drinks. We will organize traditional Serbian night with our live music, and people dressed in traditional Serbian clothes. International night will be also in schedule.
And for the end, thing that you all are waiting the most…
This year we are celebrating 12 years of LC East Sarajevo and preparing surprise for all of you. Stay tuned as we will announce it soon.
Millions of people would kill for it, so don’t hesitate to apply!

See you in East Sarajevo!